What is Tyrocircle?

Tyrocircle is an easy-to-use social platform that facilitates a community of fun energising learning to take place between students, academics and alumni through the use of built-in flags and Scholar Rooms. All users will be required to sign up with their university e-mail address or access code.

Tyrocircle also serves as a diagnostic tool (dashboard) for universities. Tyrocircle will assist universities with their network analytics and improve university efficiency. Here universities will be able to review usage metrics, individual courses and student progress. Our pragmatic social platform is designed to facilitate university collaboration and knowledge transfer between students, academics and alumni.

  • Why Students Should Join?

    Tyrocircle provides students a secure community of fun and energising social learning. This equips them with the confidence they require to strengthen their student-to-student learning. Here they can request and provide help through the use of built-in flags. Students can join Scholar Rooms, partake in knowledge transfer and university collaboration.

  • Why Academics Should Join?

    Tyrocircle encourages academics to create their own academic profile where they can list and publicise their research interests. They can connect and collaborate with others in the same university or from other universities. Tyrocircle permits academics to freely communicate with their students in a less formal way but at the same time delivering the same message. Academics can create their own online Scholar Rooms for their course modules where they can invite students to join. They can also manage their course lecturers and seminars online, review course analytics and student progress.

  • Why Alumni Should Join?

    Tyrocircle reconnects alumni back into the university environment. For many, once they graduate they feel disconnected from their university. Here, Tyrocircle is relinking alumni back and providing them with the opportunity if they want to disseminate what they have learnt to others. In this way, Tyrocircle is providing a learning mechanism through networking with fellow alumni, students and academics. In addition, providing a repository where they will have lifelong access to their course material.


Chirper Profile

Tyrocircle encourages all users to create their academic profile that will not be withdrawn once they have completed their university course. Here users will be able to add information, as much or as little as they want in regard to their university, study degree and their course modules. All users will be able to follow other Chirpers based on their security preferences. Tyrocircle is designed to engage students, academics and alumni to connect and collaborate with one another.

Scholar Rooms

Tyrocircle provides academics with the ability to create their secure online Scholar Room(s) authorising access to users with an authorised code. Here the academics will have two-way communication with their students in a convenient and secure way. Academics can post announcements, start discussions, post assignments, publish exam dates and results and, upload reading lists and handouts. As well as, manage course lecturers and seminars online, review and monitor course analytics and student progress. This functionality will enhance social learning; university collaboration and knowledge transfer among one another.

Social Learning Flags

Tyrocircle has designed built-in social learning flags acting as a facilitating service empowering students, academics and alumni to collaborate and help one another. This functionality enables the user to search profiles to find suitable Chirpers for peer-to-peer learning, request and offer help as well as act as an indicator for social interaction. Our indicator flags encourage and empower social learning through providing opportunities for collaboration within departments and universities. These flags will help save time, enrich discussions and broaden connections between users.

Secure Learning Circle

We are a secure online educational social learning platform for verified students, academics and alumni. All users are required to sign up initially with their university e-mail address or access code. In this way, Tyrocircle only permits users with a valid university e-mail address or access code to complete registration.

Private Message

A private message is a great way to stay connected with all conversations that matter most between students, academics and alumni. Tyrocircle provides the facility to keep the whole conversation at a single place enabling the user to send as many private messages to any other Tyrocircle user. Making it a great way, to stay connected, start private conversations, link and collaborate with one another.

Learning Everywhere Anywhere

Tyrocircle is accessible anywhere in the world. With Tyrocircle you can stay connected with your university, Chirpers and Scholar Rooms from your mobile device. You can easily share Chirps; partake in discussions with your university and between other universities.

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