• What is Tyrocircle?
    Tyrocircle is an easy-to-use social platform that facilitates a community of fun energising learning to take place between students, academics and alumni through the use of built-in flags and Scholar Rooms. All users will be required to sign up with their university e-mail address or access code.
  • Lets Change the way we learn and teach
    Tyrocircle has a full range of features to help you learn, communicate and collaborate in real time.
    Let's start your new learning journey in a modern way.
  • Get all your classes and academic material in one place
    Tyrocircle centralises all your academic material and simplifies your management, allowing you more time
    teaching and less time managing your classes
  • Learning made simple and enjoyable for all

Tyrocircle is a social communication and collaboration platform for modern and mobile learning.

Tyrocircle is the new way to teach learn communicate collaborate succeed


Social Learning Flags

This enables the user to search profiles to find suitable users for peer-to-peer learning, request/offer help and act as an indicator for social interaction.

Online Classes

Academics can create secure online classes to enable two-way communication with their students. They can post announcements, questions/answers and monitor course analytics and student engagement.

Private Message

Tyrocircle provides the facility to keep the whole conversation at a single place enabling the user to send as many private messages to any other Tyrocircle user.

Secure Learning Circle

Learning circle enables users to share with individual classes, groups, departments or even with whole institute.

Academic Profile

Here users will be able to add information, as much or as little as they want in regard to their institution, courses and modules. Just show off your academic achievements.

Learning Everywhere Anywhere

Tyrocircle allows you to stay connected with their institution, users and classes from your mobile device. Tyrocircle is wherever you are.

Reconnects Alumni

We reconnect alumni back to their institution and provides a repository where they can have lifelong access to their course material.


Tyrocircle provides analytics to monitor user participation within class and how they are using the and accessing the files and other reading material.