Frequently Asked Questions

Tyrocircle FAQ's

Tyrocircle is a private social communication and collaboration platform for modern and mobile learning that works with your existing Learning Management System (LMS) or independently. Our platform is designed around students, academics and alumni with a goal to provide everything that they need to communicate in real-time.

Our social learning flags act as a facilitating service empowering users to collaborate and help one another. This functionality enables the user to search profiles to find suitable users for peer‐to‐peer learning, request / offer help and act as an indicator for social interaction.

Students can connect and participate in real-time, communicate wherever they are. Academics can create secure online classes they can post, update announcements, answer questions, and participate in the intuitive discussions. They can also upload reading list, syllabus from their computer or from Dropbox/Google Drive and share their documents with one click. As well as, review and monitor course analytics and student engagement.

Tyrocircle provides academics with an analytic dashboard where they can monitor student progress (participation within the class and how they are using and accessing files and other reading material). This feature highlights student’s engagement and pinpoints areas where students are in need of more support.

Tyrocircle provides the facility to keep the whole conversation at a single place enabling the user to send as many private messages to any other Tyrocircle user. Making it a great way, to stay connected, start private conversations, link and collaborate with one another.

You can contact to your alumni or careers department. If you can’t find them please email us at support@tyrocircle.com

Yes, our support team are on hand 24/7 to help. Please send us an email to support@tyrocircle.com and we will provide you with a quick response. You can also visit our comprehensive Knowledge Base where we have questions asked from other users and institutions.

Please visit our website www.tyrocircle.com and click on the sign up button. Sign up is quick and simple, fill in the information requested (your full name, institution email and select your password) then click sign up.

  • You will see a thank you page, indicating you to check your email to verify yourself
  • Well send you a verification link to your email. Click the link in the email to verify that you belong to this institution
  • You will be asked to enter your department/school and your current course(s). If you can’t see your department/school and/or course in the dropdown list please enter it manually and the Tyrocircle team will add this for you
  • At this point, you are ready to start!

If you have forgotten your password please use Tyrocircle forgotten password service to reset it. Click on the log in link, select the option ‘forgotten password’ and enter your email address. A reset password email will be sent to you. Please click on the link in the email where you will be prompted to create a new password.

Login to Tyrocircle, once logged in, click on the settings link, which is on the top right side next to your name. This will take you to your profile settings. Please click on the password link, where you will be asked to enter your current password and the to enter and confirm your new password. Then click on the save button to save your new password.

Click upload file from your homepage. Select where you would like to share this file, select the file you would like to upload, then click on the save button.

Please send us an email at support@tyrocircle.com